Saturday, 23 April 2016

Woodchat Shrike, Whinchat, Melodious Warbler

Wednesday was warm but overcast and that may have encouraged some migrants to drop in rather than fly over as it turned out to be a good morning's birding. I haven't seen a woodchat shrike for a couple of years and so the perfect specimen which was sat atop a hedge near the bio farm was a great surprise. Perhaps there is something about this hedge which shrikes like as its where the red backed shrikes traditionally nest.
He was very confiding and after watching him for some ten minutes I left him in peace. The location held othe birds too; my second melodious warbler of the day (and spring) was busy in a nearby tree as was a singing willow warbler.
The rape fields are places to find whinchats during autumn in my experience but at least five migrants were taking advantage of them near La T√Ęche today and all sitting prettily on top as they always seem to do.

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