Thursday, 24 March 2016

Marsh Harrier and Martins

Spring migration is gaining pace although in a rather stuttering fashion. For instance, Monday was a good day at The Bandiat with house martins and a few sand martins joining the many swallows yet none of these species were present there yesterday. Nevertheless, everyday brings something of interest.

A marsh harrier was an unexpected bonus at The Bandiat on Monday and the place was full of chiffchaffs. Among the manny migrating white wagtails was my first yellow wagtail of the year and also a couple of black redstarts. The only wader there though was a green sandpiper.

A few blackcaps have now appeared and there were three black redstarts around the house yesterday.
The Tardoire at Fougere is rather quiet with nothing to report yesterday except for about six hundred lapwings. The gulls seem to have moved on.

The garden birds are still devouring the sunflower seeds and brambling, siskin and hawfinch continue to attend.

Today is another sunny one with a slight frosty start so let's see what turns up.

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