Saturday, 1 November 2014

Cranes (and 40 Kilometres)

Today's post title should have read 'Forty Species and Forty Kilometres' as that was my bird list and cycling distance on this hot last day of October but it was Stella and not me who saw a skein of about fifty cranes flying over La T√Ęche --- but the world would be less interesting without a touch of irony!
Mr Plumency of La Tache  reports that cranes flew overhead on the previous day also.

The highlights of my wanderings were more diminutive, being a goldcrest, the first I've come across for a long time, and a coal tit, another species which has been elusive of late. Marsh tit was around again today but the absence of crested tit spoiled the full set of six for this family.
Tawny owls are calling at night and in the early morning at the moment (and occasionally even in the middle of the day)
Finches were scarce with only chaffinch and goldfinch making an appearance.

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  1. Literally thousands of cranes heading south over St Angeau yesterday. Winter is coming!