Wednesday, 26 November 2014

UK Interval

Regular readers of this blog may have noted an absence of posts from me during the last fortnight. The birth of a third grandson took me away to the UK and while there I toured the nation, catching up with friends and relatives. The social schedule meant that birding took a back seat but I managed to fit a bit in and among the highlights were snow buntings on the Great Orme, 23 red kites counted along the M40 and several bullfinches in Gloucestershire.
Fortunately at least a few folk kept an eye on Charente's birds and I see that Cagouille reported large movements of cranes.
I've returned with a cold of course ! but I managed to cycle out on to the plains today and was grateful to see a skein of seventy cranes heading south plus another twenty five species in the warm sunshine.

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