Monday, 8 September 2014

Blue-headed Wagtails

I had the chance today to take a quick look again at the nondescript area mentioned in my last post ( I was returning from a shopping trip). Only two wheatears were present in the field and just a single whinchat but at least a dozen blue-headed wagtails were feeding there, some of them in replendent yellow plumage. I'm still not sure what the attraction of this particular ploughed field is.

Nearby, at Les Vielles Vaures, a female sparrowhawk was causing some consternation among the birds but there was nothing there of note except for three coypu which ran across the track.

Later this afternoon a tree pipit alerted me by its call to its presence in my garden before showing itself at the top of a tree.

It may be a result of my feeding grain to the three mallards on La Poterie's pond but the moorhen population there was well into double figures today.

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