Thursday, 18 September 2014

After The Storm

After last night's electrical storm today's weather was fresh and breezy but still warm.
Swallows have been around in some numbers during the last few weeks, not so much heading determinedly southwards but busily feeding over the fields. This morning there were literally hundreds of them around La Poterie, exploding from the overhead wires as I cycled by.
Speaking of flocks, starlings have also been gathering in tightly packed numbers over the last week or two, most of them in their bright new speckled plumage.
A few flycatchers are still around, both pied and spotted but blackcap numbers seem to be diminishing.
The plains were pretty empty of bird life today except for buzzards which were present in double figures and a few kestrels.
I know little about insects but the swarms of tiny midges which I have referred to recently seemed to have been replaced today by equally large swarms of more substantial flies which were a little painful to cycle through. Several passerines were enjoying the food supply though including the flycatchers, chiffchaffs and a family of stonechats near the bio farm.

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