Thursday, 23 October 2014

Quiet October

The sun has largely won its battle with the clouds during recent days but despite the mild weather there has not been too much to report of late.
The harvesting of the maize is virtually over and most of the fields are now either being prepared or already contain their winter crop. The first finch flocks are starting to form but at present they consist only of goldfinches and linnets. Meadow pipits are plentiful and favour the young rape plants while small flocks of white wagtails are often following the ploughs.
The kestrels which nested on the gable end of my house are back again and often sit there or fly noisily around. Today I saw them mating while perched in a tree in the garden, a curious sight at this time of year!
I have seen the occasional hen harrier on the plains and the very light phase buzzard was perched near La T√Ęche this afternoon.
The flocks of skylarks are still quite small but some individuals are still in song as are a few woodlarks.

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