Saturday, 3 March 2018

Golden Plovers

Although the flooded valleys are drying up they are still providing feeding sites for large numbers of lapwing and golden plover. The latter seem to be concentrated on the Tardoire between Fougère and Coulgens where several hundred have been feeding over the last week.
I missed out on the white storks which Cagouille reported and on the shelduck which were mentioned on the Charente Nature site but I did see a single snipe among the plovers.
Water and meadow pipits are also moving through at present along with lots of cranes. There were over 200 of the latter feeding next to the Tardoire near Fougère on Tuesday.
A pair of little owls were taking the opportunity to sunbathe at the top of the tower of Saint Colombe’s logis as I drove by this week. Several brambling were with a very large flock of chaffinches near La Rochette.
Siskins and nuthatches are still missing from my bird feeders this winter but a dunnock and a collared dove have recently joined the party. I can’t remember ever having a coal tit, it’s strange how localised   many species are.

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