Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Black-headed Gulls

It's a mild but dull and showery day today so I've foregone a bike ride. I took one down to the Tardoire yesterday though and watched a flock of nineteen black-headed gulls bobbing about on and over the water. This species wouldn't turn a head in the UK, or on the coast here for that matter, but gulls of any kind are not a common sight in Charente.
The only other migrants there were the lapwings although this time they were accompanied by considerable numbers of golden plovers which unlike the lapwings never took a periodic flight but remained squatting in the mud.
In the garden the finches, tits and sparrows are still very busy on the sunflower feeders and an unexpected visitor this week was a siskin. Meanwhile great spotted woodpeckers are regular visitors to the fastballs, the firecrest is forever flitting around its favourite bush and a robin, a dunnock and a wren peck away at anything that the other birds drop.


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