Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Early September and Storms

Almost a month has gone by since my last post as I have been in th UK for a wedding, had a stream of visitors and have been off-line after mid August's storms. There was another big electrical storm last night with much needed rain but this time the modem survived.
Anyway---- the birds: I thought I'd found my first honey buzzard of the summer last week but when I braked on my bike I realised that it was a short- toed eagle that was soaring south of Saint Angeau. Shortly afterwards I watched a woodlark perched on a power line and then a male red-backed shrike near La Rochette. But apart from a spotted flycatcher near La T√Ęche there has been little of any note to report. The Swallows and house martins are flocking noisily around the villages and some seem to be purposely heading southward and it can't be long before other autumn passage birds turn up.

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