Monday, 25 May 2015

Red backed Shrikes et al

We are into the last week in May and the weather is behaving pretty well with hot sunny spells between the cloudy bits ; it was over 30C if you ventured out of the shade yesterday but there has been a cool breeze from the north for the last few days.

I took a ride to the Braconne today and was pleased to find that two pairs of shrikes were back in last summer's locations, it's remarkable that individuals fly from Africa to find their way back to the same little strip of hedge. I've not yet managed to locate the regular pair at the bio farm yet though..
In the forest itself several Bonelli's were trilling away and I stopped to watch one in an oak tree for some minutes. At the same spot a tree pipit was singing from the very top of a conifer and a marsh tit made a brief appearance.

Yesterday a red kite crossed the sky above the house and at the start of the week a short toed eagle did the same but at a much greater altitude.

The stone curlews are still up on the plains despite all the recent hay making.

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