Friday, 27 March 2015

Cuckoos, Hoopoes and Stone Curlew

At least three cuckoos were calling close to the house this morning before I watched one being chased off by a crow.  I didn't catch sight of any hoopoes but one was calling close to La Poterie and another near to La Tâche .
There is little bare ground this Spring on the Lairiere plains as almost all the fields seem to be planted with either rape or winter wheat but one ploughed field held a solitary stone curlew, always one of the earliest migrants to show itself.
There was little activity at Les Vielles Vaures though; the Bandiat is still partly in flood there but a group of six green sandpipers, a few mallards and a single swallow were the only birds of note.
A small number of swallows and house martins were flitting around the Bonnieure bridge at St Amant and a single black kite seemed to be using the N10 as a migration corridor near Tourriers this afternoon.
Other migrants such as blackcap, chiffchaff and black redstart helped bring today's total to over forty species.

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