Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hawfinches and Red Admirals

The sun came out today, something of a relief after a rather dreary, damp week. I persuaded myself that it still a bit breezy for a bike ride and took myself of to the Braconne forest for a walk. Hunters' cars and their dogs and bugles seemed to be everywhere including at the Bandiat which I drove past on the way. Perhaps their presence made the birds stay out of sight and sound as there was not a great deal to be found. A small flock of confiding hawfinches showed up well in the sunshine,though, and I also came across firecrest and short-toed treecreeper. A pleasant surprise were my first red admirals of this year, a couple of which were basking in the warmth.
Back at the ranch the tits, sparrows and finches are devouring the sunflower seeds as fast as I put them out. Still nothing more exotic has made a visit but a dunnock feeding on the droppings from the table is an infrequent and welcome visitor.

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