Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January Cranes

As Cagouille pointed out in his recent comment, the cranes are still moving south and I saw one skein of 35 birds late this afternoon near La Poterie. It probably is no coincidence that 2014 was announced today as the warmest UK year on record. (But on looking back to last year's posts I see that cranes were moving reported as moving south in January 2014)
A few hawfinch were in the wood behind the chateau at La Rochefoucauld yesterday and a flock of fieldfare were near St Mary.
As for the 2015 list, I saw my first barn owl of the year on the way to Fontenille, and my first flock of greenfinches at Valence. I think that I have noted before that this last species is very localised and I have not seen one in my own garden for weeks.

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